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Most young adults are on their own to learn how to be in an intimate relationship with little to no training or education - even though they are in the highest risk age group for domestic violence. 

Tracy helps college students  pack their ‘Relationship Duffle Bag’ with green flags for a healthy relationship, red flags for abuse, bystander tips, and what to say to a friend who reaches out for help.

Showing students a blueprint for healthy relationships, as well as how to recognize signs of abuse, could be the greatest life-changing lesson of their college years. 

Tracy gives them this and more. Students walk away better prepared to have a healthy intimate relationship with tangible tips to avoid the destruction abusive relationships bring. She helps young adults not only be a healthy partner but create a healthy, long-term, intimate relationship.

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About Tracy

Tracy Rector, speaker, film producer, author, and survivor, uses her voice to raise awareness of gender-based violence. As an international speaker, she’s shared her energy inspiring audiences in the US including Guam, Asia Pacific, and UK. She’s especially passionate about giving young adults the tools to have a healthy relationship and to recognize signs of abuse.

At both in-person and virtual events, she threads her personal story of domestic abuse in her message and invites all to join her in a front-row seat to the issue. Her words resonate with audiences as a significant number of women and men are affected by domestic violence in their lifetime.

USA Today recognized her film, No Ordinary Love, as one of the “biggest summer movies” of 2021. The film, using survivor stories, including her own, shines an authentic spotlight on domestic violence.

She created an educational program for college campuses, domestic violence agencies and other groups using the film to raise awareness. She served as board chair of the second largest domestic violence agency in Texas, and she is currently part of a research project involving national industry leaders to develop a game-changing tool to address domestic violence.

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Tracy's Talks

Packing Your Relationship Duffle Bag

Healthy Relationships Begin with Understanding 
the Complex Dynamic of Abuse

College students arrive to campus academically ready yet woefully unprepared for what may test them more than any class - dating violence 

In this presentation, Tracy helps students pack their “Relationship Duffle Bag” with advice to recognize early signs of abuse, coercive control and digital abuse - common forms of dating violence. Equally important in their bag will be traits of a healthy partner, active bystander tips and what to say to a friend who’s a victim of abuse.

Knowing how to respond to abuse is key to providing help or further harm.

Presenting a model for healthy relationships and the tools to recognize abuse, could be the greatest life-changing lesson of a student's college years.

They walk away with a full “Relationship Duffle Bag” equipping them to have a healthy life-long intimate relationship.



  • Understand the complexities of dating violence and know early signs of an abusive partner

  • Know healthy relationship behaviors to look for in a partner and themselves

  • React as an informed bystander instead of silent complicity

  • Lean how to respond when a friend reaches out about an abusive partner

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Let’s Talk About It

Preparing for the Teen Dating Phase of Parenting 

Have you talked to your teen about dating?  Do you know the early warning signs of abuse to watch for in their dating relationship?

The parental task of preparing a teen for the adult world can seem daunting. And often overlooked is preparing them for a romantic relationship. Modeling a healthy relationship is not enough. 

This talk teaches parents the complex dynamics of domestic abuse and how to recognize the red flags for teen dating violence.  Parents will hear tips on starting a conversation with their teen, and when to intervene.

A teen's first encounter with dating violence may be through a friend seeking help or as a bystander. Knowing how to respond to abuse is key to providing help or further harm. Parents receive advice and tips for helping their teen be ready to speak up or know how to respond to support a friend.

Take Aways


  • Know the dynamics of teenage dating violence 

  • Recognize warning signs of an abusive teen dating relationship

  • Conversation tips for talking with teens of pre-dating and dating age

  • Learn how to prepare teens to respond when they are around dating violence 

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Faith Community
as a Safe Space

Building Partnerships with Faith Communities
and Domestic Violence Advocates

Domestic violence advocates place victim safety as a top priority. Faith communities and leaders oftentimes prioritize preserving the marriage. How can these two divergent thoughts come together to support survivors?

This talk will help these groups to reach out, to understand the issue from the other perspective. Faith communities will see how to create a welcome and safe place when victims within their membership speak up about their abuse. DV advocates can invite faith leaders to join the community in addressing the issue. The result, victims, who follow a faith, feel supported from within their faith community as they navigate their next steps.

Take aways

  • DV advocates see how faith affects a victim’s decisions

  • Faith communities grasp the importance of creating a safe space for victims

  • Both groups learn how to create a partnership to benefit victims and create a safer community

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Tracy's Testimonials

Tricia Brouk - leather jacket.jpg

“You’re a very very effortless speaker, it comes naturally to you, you’re in command, you’re captivating. Just powerful. Keep punching us in the gut.
You did a beautiful job.” 

Tricia Brouk
Director, Author, Producer 
Founder of The Big Talk Academy 
Former Executive Producer of TEDX Lincolnsquare, NYC

"Tracy is an amazing, impactful and informed speaker. She speaks with purpose and passion.
I am always excited to hear her, because I know that not only is she speaking with excellence, she’s speaking with heart."

Lisa Alexander
Founder & Executive Director
Stand Up Survivor

"Tracy is a passionate, educated, and outspoken cheerleader for survivors. Time spent hearing her speak is time you will cherish – it will change your perspective, and you will view relationships more in-focus than you have in the past. I cannot recommend her enough."

Kathryn Jacob
President and CEO
SafeHaven of Tarrant County

"Wafa house is so happy we decided to bring this unique awareness event to our community. Those who attended got so much out of it. Tracy was amazing. You can tell how passionate she is about domestic violence awareness."

Kathy Acosta
Executive Director
Wafa House, NJ

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